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What is a Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union form?

If two people live together in a mutually interdependent relationship, even if they are not married, they may qualify for the same benefits they would have received as if they were married. For instance, often Common-Law couples can qualify for health and medical benefits, pension payouts or immigration advantages.

9 times out of 10, you will be specifically asked to provide a notarized Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union form in the process of completing paperwork. You can find this document below.

Now that I have the form, what do I do?

Great! Please print out the form, and fill in all of the blanks, but do not sign or date it (everybody will have to be present and sign it in front of us).

Note that you will have to provide dates between which you have been cohabiting in a conjugal relationship - you can fill in the date when you started living together, and you can either leave the second field blank, or write "PRESENT DATE".

Once the form is completed, please contact us to book an appointment time and get the document notarized!

Do we actually qualify to be Common-Law partners?

No Notary (including us) can conclusively determine whether or not your application will be successful. Whether or not it will meet the requirements will be determined by the organization requesting this document. One thing we can say, however, is that there is a link between the quality and amount of documentation provided and success.

We strongly recommend that you attach as much information as possible to the form. Even if you have checked "YES" to the boxes in 1 through 3, it never hurts to provide ample additional documentation in box 4. Conversely, even if you must answer "NO" to 1 through 3, you may still have a lot of documentation to provide in box 4.

Don't worry too much about boxes 1 through 3 - if you have indeed lived together for a while, we are confident you will be able to provide proof of that fact.

What do I need to bring to an appointment with you?

Please bring the form, completed, but not signed or dated to the appointment. As well, please bring as much documentation as possible. Everybody signing will need to be present, and bring at least 2 pieces of ID each (one of which has a picture).

Could you provide me with a Common-Law Union template?

A Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union template is here